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Need a freelancer / Virtual Professional?

Do you have projects that you can easily outsource to a virtual professional or freelancer? 

Go have a look at our friends from Flexxy

They've build a digital ecosystem for Virtual Professionals and Freelancers to present their skills, find new projects, develop themselves, build a relevant network and do their admin with ease in one place. They have (Virtual) Professionals available for all kind of projects such as Web development, Sales & Marketing, Content, Translations, Office and Creative & Design. 


Companies can easily publish their projects and with their unique algorithm the Flexxy ecosystem will find the right person for the project before you can get yourself a cup of coffee. 

No hassle, no complex administration. Keep your project moving! Get it done with Flexxy! 

Boutique Recruitment Agency

Ready to scale up? 

DotQompany connects passionate and talented individuals with the most desired and in-demand skills with startups and fast growing IT companies. With a strong network of young and highly educated IT Talents we build your A-team! 

Interim Recruitment

Do you need temporary talent acquisition power? Or someone to build your People Ops department?

With over 8 years of experience in IT Recruitment within startups, scale ups and high performance environments, we know our way around this versatile world of Technology.

We can provide you with a temporary remote or in-house dedicated recruiter to find you the best talents in town to secure your future execution power.

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