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Focused on your future execution power
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Quentine Stoc 
Talent Acquisition Specialist

"The team with the best players wins." 

-Jack Welch-

DotQompany offers a variety of solutions in the field of IT Recruitment for startups and Digital/eCommerce companies. 

From sourcing to full cycle recruitment and from strategy to execution and everything in-between. 


At dotQompany, we understand that the only way to outperform your competition is to play the game with the best team. But today, talent, especially the ones with the most in-demand skills, is scarce. 

A-players have choices and it's getting more difficult to attract the best possible employees. 

Traditional ways of recruiting, acquiring, and accessing talents are no longer effective. Companies that fail to adapt will likely be on the losing end when it comes to attracting the people they need. 


What have you planned to secure your future execution power? Discover our solutions and start building your winning team! 


About Quentine 

Driven by passion and enthusiasm she strives for excellence in finding the best and brightest digital minds for startups, scale ups and Digital/eCommerce companies. .

Quentine enjoys sharing her experiences and knowledge in the field of IT Recruitment and engagement of employees. Is your company looking for more successful and creative ways to find the best talents in town? 
She would be happy to help you grow your company! 

You can also invite Quentine as a speaker on your event. She can take you along the latest trends in the field of recruitment of high potentials. Especially in the area of IT and High Performance organizations.

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